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Work on the Go with these 5 useful apps

Are you always on the go? Jumping from meeting to meeting and to the next thing? I think it’s a common case of being an entrepreneur. I have to admit it, I’m always, always and when I say  always I mean ALWAYS on my phone. Don’t think I’m just on social media, wait, maybe I am. Hence, it’s what I do, but anyhow. What I’m trying to say here is that more than half of the day I spend on my phone whether its checking emails, writing a new idea or creating/posting content for a client. This has pushed me to be more creative and to do some serious research to find the best apps to work on the go. They are a lifesaver!  I don't always have the opportunity to pull out my computer, so using apps to work on the go had come really handy and effective for me.

Check out my top 5 apps to work on the go:

1. Gmail

Gmail is my go to email provider, I just LOVE all the google products. I find them easy to use and they get the job done. Not to mention Gmail offers the option to host your business email without the, rather using your own business domain and the best part is that you can customize your email dashboard with your brand by adding your logo. Isn't it all about branding?

2. Google Drive

Yes! I might be a little obsessed with Google products but the Drive is definitely a must-have app. I used to backup my computer files on a “trusted” external drive until one day it just crashed. It was the end as we know it. After some tears were shed, I was on a mission to find a drive to hold all my documents and I found out that Google had just what I needed. You get 30GB of free storage and when it's time to upgrade you only pay a few bucks a month. I’m literally working off the cloud and I can access all my files from my phone using their app. Once you start using google drive I totally encourage you to explore the rest of Google Suite tools as they are all very helpful.  Download it today, you can thank me

3. Pic Collage

This is a super simple,yet effective app that I love using. With social media being an important part of our businesses as entrepreneurs, I  always encourage clients and colleagues to get into the habit of branding their business in every possible way, and adding their business logo to a picture or quote that is about to be shared on social media is simple and effective way to do so. Pic Collage allows you to add logos, images and create collages. All you need is a little

4. Adobe Fill & Sign

Has it ever happened to you that you forgot to print and sign a document you needed to send out yesterday? Well, this app will make it so much easier for you. You can pretty much upload any document or photo to this app and it will automatically let you add text boxes and add your signature wherever is needed. Isn't that easy? Oh, and it's free!

5. Notes/Reminders

Since we are always on the go it's easy to lose focus and forget a thing or two throughout the day, so I have found it quite helpful to write everything down.  Just open your notes on your cell phone and type away. All my random mid-night ideas are safely stored in my notes, as do my todo lists for the business and the house. One thing I like about it too is that you can search within all your notes using keywords to find a specific note and you can create subfolders/categories to store all your notes where they

Now that you know of my five favorite apps to work on the go, download them to your phone and put them to the test. Having savvy tools to ease our workload is always needed.

What other apps have you used on the go that I may have not mentioned? Please leave a comment below.

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