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When in doubt drink a cup of coffee

How often you do you doubt the decisions you make? Has it ever happen that you catch yourself doubting even the smallest of decisions? Well, I think we have all been there.

Not being assertive and doubting every decision you take will always put obstacles in front of you. Big life decisions will make you doubt. It’s natural to think of the negative aspects of that decision, but we often forget to think of all the good that can come from that opportunity. What if it works out? What if you never regret it?  It all comes down to how confident you are in making a decision. I have learned that when you have certainty, things always work out for you.

As I’m writing this for you I’m facing a dry spell and doubting myself over whether or not this will help you in some way. But I’ve decided to pull thru and hope for the best.  Pardon the little interruption.

Knowing what it is to be assertive will make it easier to identify those moments where you lack confidence. I can promise you that taking a risk and just being able to make a decision will not only bring great new exciting things to your life but the boost on your confidence will be noticeable. There is nothing more attractive than a confident, smart #bossbabe.

When in doubt. Just drink a cup of coffee and follow these tips that have helped me in moments of doubt….like this one.

  1. Do not overthink. The more you think about it, the more you will doubt yourself. For some reason, when we think about making a decision, we automatically think of all the bad things that could happen. I challenge you to make a simple list of all the good and bad that can come out if it. I’m certain the list will be longer on the good side. If not, don’t worry. It just made it easier for you to decide.

  2. Voice your needs. Say what is in your mind. Many times we’ve faced situations we are doubtful about because we have questions or we need some clarification in order to be sure. But we stay quite. That’s the worst thing you can do. ASK. ASK. ASK. Give yourself some peace of mind by saying what you like or dislike. Your voice matters.

  3. Learn to say no. This one is huge. When we lack confidence, it is really easy to always say YES to everything just because we are afraid to confront the person and be assertive. Its ok to say no. Just say why not and i can assure you the other person will understand.

  4. Follow your gut instinct. This one should have been on the top of the list. Everything I do and everything I've done is based on pure instinct. Yes, of course i do think things thru but my biggest indicator is my instinct. You just know when something is not right. Listen to your gut.

  5. Be CONFIDENT. Confidence is like a magnet. The way you portray yourself is the way people will perceive you. Nobody wants to talk to the timid girl that is always hiding in the back. Show the world the #bossbabe you are. Big smiles, leave fears aside and let them see you. Confidence is key.

If it scares you, do it. It means something big is coming. Working on becoming more assertive will consecutively lead you to be a more confident person and we know that leads to a happier you.

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