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Three Easy Steps to Promote Your Business Page on Social Media

Year 2018. Did you ever imagine we would have all this technology around us? All of these computers and smart-everything? I sort of did, thanks to the help of a book I read when I was around 8 years old. In this book the main character, Carolina said that by the year 2015 we would be driving or better yet, flying our own cars. We would type on holographic keyboards and wear “google glasses” which actually do exist today. I have to tell you that reading this had me expecting great technology ever since.

Technology has evolved tremendously the past 10 years, and it keeps on surprising us. Every day, computers and TV’s get thinner and thinner and their memory capabilities keep expanding. Today, the storage of these devices reach the clouds, making them limitless.

We have always known that technology was going to play a huge role in our personal and professional life. Today technology is a necessary instrument to help build and grow businesses of all sizes.

Far beyond from the use of the internet, social media has also shaped the way businesses market themselves. What we have known as traditional word-of-mouth marketing, has evolved to the “digital word of mouth” through social media. Yes! social media is now intended to not only connect with long lost friends, las tías and las primas, but also to put your business out there, to connect with people that could become potential consumers, and to provide customer service in a timely manner.

The main social media outlets that have proven to help businesses are: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. It all varies on your personal preferences and type of business, but thus far these are the outlets that have been trending in the past years.

If you are an #entrepreneur, are new to all of this and ready to get your business out there, check out these three steps every newbie needs:

1. Lo que es del César al César y lo que es de Dios a Dios. As a Latina, you’ve heard this phrase once or twice before. Let’s not get mixed up here. Make sure your business page reflects what it is, a business. Avoid sharing personal details of your life, family or kids, and focus on informing and entertaining your followers. Your goal should be to grow your followers, inform your consumers and entertain them with fun facts about your industry. One easy way to know whether a business page is appropriate or not is by asking yourself how would you feel if you saw a picture of a kid on a lawyer’s page? Would this make you think that firm is professional? Or do you think it is out of place? Ask yourself these questions. Unfortunately, it is always easier to criticize someone else work than to criticize our own. So ask yourself before you post.

2. Identify your objective. Have a clear idea of where you want to go. You cannot go far if you don’t know where you are going. You must know what your goal is when having your business active on social media. Are you looking to educate? Sell? Entertain? Or maybe all? As I mentioned earlier, the use of social media varies from business to business so do some research and find out what is the best thing to do for you. Remember that this is a constant trial-and-error process. It will take some time to figure out what works the best for you. Keep trying and don’t give up, but always have a clear objective. A quick example is a hair salon; here the business has a wide range of services. Some services are more complex and that is why the price changes. In this case, it might be important to inform/educate consumers about the different processes done to the hair, this will help the client understand the price, and give a sense of security given that the salon is transparent and willing to teach you so you make an educated decision.

3. Get moving! Now that you have identified your objective. It’s time to make it happen. Create a plan. I know you use your Facebook probably every day and you feel you are very acquainted with it, but remember that when it comes to using it for your business, it takes a little more than just “posting”. Create a calendar, and start small. Plan a week of content for your postings. You can brainstorm with your team and look for images, facts, and even videos that are from your industry.

Just keep in mind to not use the same content as your competitor’s or their own. It is very important for you to remember that you are the expert in your field and your followers are not, so educate them. Plan ahead any promotions your business will have and/or special events. Keep a close eye on your numbers. It is really important to find out what is working. (What are your followers liking/sharing or commenting.) Your ultimate goal is to have people actively engaging on your page.

Start small and don’t give up, promoting your business online is the way to go. Plan, organize and attack. Get some more tips by following @ChicagoDMM on Instagram.

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