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Don’t Give Up On Your Brilliant Ideas

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

A brilliant idea can represent a change in your life and your finances. It can determine what direction your professional or personal life is going to take.

This is the reason why it is so important to learn to create and take advantage of those ideas that make you go, aha!

On a daily basis, we are surrounded by inspiration of all kind, from the people we meet, what we see on the streets, TV, work and books. Every single thing around us can be inspiring and knowing this is great! Learning to observe and digest our surroundings is key to the creation of an amazing idea.  Can you imagine the world with no ideas? No inventions?

I recently learned a term used by scientists called “Multiple discovery” and I’m so fascinated by it!

A multiple discovery is when more than one person (scientist) discovers or has the same idea/concept at the same time. The interesting thing is that this happens most of the time in opposite sides of the world. Basically, two complete strangers have the same idea at the same time. That is really something!

There is no actual explanation for this phenomenon but it is on the books and it continues to happen.  I’m sure it has also happened to you.  Do you remember that new project you were working on and were certain it would be a success and just before launching it someone else presented that idea/project to the world? Well, this would be the case of a multiple discovery.

I believe our ideas are some sort of divine inspiration, a message that was sent from above to help make it happen. However, many times we just let them pass by and other times we don’t hold them tight enough. We just give up on them.  I see ideas like a form of latent energy flowing thru the world looking for its next vessel, that source to help transform that idea.

So now you know, when inspiration hits, get up, write it down and don’t leave it forgotten. Get your ideas to work! If you don’t use them they will go to the next lucky gal.

Conquer your next idea and turn it into your next great discovery following these simple tips:

  1. Trust in yourself.  You will never feel 100% sure of your ideas if you do not trust yourself. Go with your gut feeling. Don’t get caught up on overthinking it. If it feels right and it vibrates with who you are, then you are on the right track. Just trust.

  2. Brainstorm. Figure out the best way for you to get those ideas out. Scribble on a notebook, use a mind map or post it notes. Test them and find the one that helps your ideas flow. There is no right or wrong way. Just get your ideas flowing.

  3. Ask for feedback.  Don’t get stuck with a mediocre idea. You’ll know it when the concept is right. Go out there and ask for feedback. Be open to receiving both positive and negative responses. It’s part of the process. Not all your ideas will be liked but this is no reason to give up. If one of your ideas doesn’t work out, don’t worry. Many more ideas will arise.

Having the ability to create and easily develop ideas is a huge skill to have. Be patient. Don’t give up and be ready to conquer your next great discovery!

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