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Benefits of sleeping in the nude

From time to time I see on my feed articles about the benefits of sleeping naked. I’ve glanced at them here and there but never really paid much attention or wanted to try it, until now.

I feel like Chicago skipped spring all together and jumped to really hot summer days. I live on the top floor and oh boy- it gets hot! We’ve covered all our windows with thick curtains to help prevent the heat to come thru but some days it just doesn’t help.

So one night after taking a shower and while getting ready for bed- it was just too hot that I decided to skip putting on cloths. After the first night, I just didn’t want to put my pjs back on ever again. We’ll see what old man winter has to say about that.

I’ve always thought that I would feel weird sleeping naked but its so comfortable. I’ve always struggled to find the right pjs. I think I move to much at night and I always end up all tangled up.

Now that I’ve slept au naturel for a month or so let’s see if I have experienced any of the so called benefits of sleeping naked.

1. Fall asleep faster: this one is actually pretty true. I have suffered from insomnia for the longest time. I have good nights and fall asleep fast and other nights that I won’t go to sleep until 5 minutes to my alarm going off. But I have noticed that ever since I’ve been sleeping naked I’ve fallen asleep faster- I don’t understand why or how, but I’m not complaining.

2. Boosted self-esteem and positive body image: I will say this is also a real benefit. There is a certain feeling you get knowing you are sleeping naked. I feel comfortable in my own skin and it makes me happy to know I’m not wearing anything under the sheets.

3. Reduces stress and anxiety. Not sure if I’ve done it long enough to see an effect on my stress levels and anxiety or maybe I haven’t payed much attention to it. Will report back on this one.

4. Improve your relationship: I wouldn’t say it has improved my relationship but it unlocked a different level of intimacy, not sexual. And I won’t complain over the added looks I catch my fiancé giving me every-time I get out of bed, oh and those naked cuddles. 😍

5. Lower risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Again, too soon to know but if sleeping naked will make me a healthier person, i’ll omit the garments.

In conclusion, my unplanned experiment was a success. I would recommend it to you in a heart beat to go and sleep au naturel.

Let me know how it goes. Bon Soir! 😴

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