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5 ways to optimize your instagram

Social media has become an essential tool to help you distribute a message, grow a brand and increase sales. It doesn't matter if you have a business, you are a blogger, coach or influencer optimizing your efforts on instagram can make a difference and help you reach your goals faster.

Always remember that social media is about creating original quality content and images suitable for your target audience. Nothing is going to happen over night so you have to be consistent to see growth.

Optimize your instagram following these 5 easy tips:

1. Account name and handle:

Choosing a name for your accounts sounds like an easy enough task. How hard can it be, right? However, when thinking of a name and handle make sure both are simple, searchable and recognizable. If your instagram is for a business page, then just stick to that, your business name. If it is already in use, just add a relatable word after your business name.

In the case that  you are a blogger, influencer or coach and your name is what you are branding, then use your name followed by what you do or are.  Let’s say you are a wellness coach, so after your name just add that - i.e., Name | Wellness Coach. This will help keep you stay relevant when searching for wellness coaches.

2. Caption:

Your caption can break or make your post. I find this a tricky one since I believe it also takes a little of trial and error to get it right. For some, the microblog content works and for others just a nice and simple caption does the trick. Regardless of which caption you decide to go for always add a Call-to-Action at the end of your text. You can either direct them to your link on your bio, to comment on your post or even to tag and like your post. Your overall goal should be to increase engagement. Comments, likes or DMs are a good indicator that you are going on the right path.

3. Hashtags:

Be smart about the hashtags you use. Although instagram allows for 30 hashtags per post you don't need to use all 30 of them. Select hashtags that are close to your nitch, relatable with your content and of course your branded hashtags.  Try avoiding super common hashtags as your content will get lost in a sea of posts. This is such a trial and error process but you will find the ones that work for you. Read more about selecting the appropriate hashtags on my past post.

4. Location:

This is a pretty simple tip and often forgotten/overseen. By simply adding a location to your post, instagram will make sure you show up in a pool of posts in that specific location. Easy and effective! By clicking at the location of anyone else’s posts you will discover all posts that have checked in at that particular location. Cool right? It’s not a bad idea to connect with others that have similar interests than you or your business.

5. Alt text:

Alt text is a really new setting on instagram. The main purpose of this function is to describe your photos for people with visual impairments. Yet, using this has been said to bring great benefits in the future. Adding Alt text to your photos will hopefully help you better position your content. It doesn't hurt to try. Make sure you use good descriptions as it will give Instagram a better idea of what your content is all about.

Getting the most of the tools and resources we have available will help you achieve your goals faster and easier.

Try these 5 tips and let me know if they made a difference in your instagram efforts. Id love to hear from you!


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