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3 Tips to tackle Impostor Syndrome

Has it happened to you that no matter how much you do or how hard you work it feels like you just aren’t doing enough? Are you always doubting your accomplishments and feel ashamed to share them with the world?

You can take a deep breath now and know that you are not the only one. Say hello to Impostor Syndrome. I recently learned about it by listening to the Often Ambitious podcast and it definitely sparked some lights in me. I could totally relate and it helped me understand the way I feel at times.

Impostor syndrome is a psychological pattern that makes a person doubt their accomplishments and makes you feel afraid of being exposed as a “fraud”.

Thanks to Imposter Syndrome, we can get the feeling that we are frauds/fakes. And let me tell you it happens to a lot of us, up to 70% of us according to the International Journal of Behavioral Science.

Feeling like we don't deserve where we are in life or that someone in our industry is better than us is totally normal and common. You have clear evidence that that's not true, yet you continue to drag this feeling with you. Confusing? That's importer syndrome doing its work on you. You just need to learn to identify it to beat it.

Thankfully impostor syndrome shows plenty of evidence it has a direct connection to success and highly perfectionist people - yay! Some good news here. Does it sound more like you now?

Next time you start to feel like a fraud and doubt that you are a badass, check these 3 Tips to tackle Impostor syndrome:

Don't compare yourself - This is something we all do and I know how hard it can be not to compare yourself to others. But by all means, DO NOT compare yourself to others. Remember that we all have different journeys and struggles.  No matter how successful the other person seems, we all have a back story - comparing yourself to others is like looking at the end product without taking into consideration all that went into the process. And possibly the person you are comparing yourself to, is actually a REAL fraud. They’ve taken fake it till you make it to the next level.

Learn to celebrate your accomplishment - Celebrate your wins! Doesn’t matter how big or small. Celebrate and don’t be afraid to share your accomplishments with others. Only you know how much work and effort goes into your day. Feel proud of the person you’ve become. There is a fine line between sharing your achievements and gloating about them. Be genuine with your success and others will be happy for you and learn from it.

When in doubt, have an action plan - Like we said earlier, doubt will be a constant in your life but we can always turn that around by having an action plan. Something as simple as writing down your achievements and strengths will help you see who you are. NOT AN IMPOSTOR.

Understanding we are not alone and that we are definitely not an imposter is key. Learn to value your efforts and continue to work hard. Now that you are aware, you can easily change your mindset. Let’s kick some imposter syndrome butt and lift each other.


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